The WindKing Technology Platform is the most significant technical achievement for wind energy in almost 100 years. The chart below illustrates how a wind turbine equipped with the WindKing Technology Platform compares with a typical wind turbine.realpower150kwThe curves can be reasonably scaled for all turbine sizes with small adjustments made for average wind speed due to tower height.

Key Definitions

Wind Speed Distribution illustrates at what wind speeds the wind blows most often for a given site. The most common wind speed is often slower than the average annual wind speed as illustrated by the Green Curve for 12 MPH which peaks at about 9.5 MPH.

The Power Output of each respective turbine as a function of wind speed is illustrated in light blue and orange.

Annual Energy Contribution one can expect as a function of wind speed and, Wind Speed Distribution for the respective technologies are illustrated by the dark blue and red curves.

Annual Energy Production (AEP) is the area under these respective curves where the 150 KW WindKing generates 866,000 KWH (866 MWH) per year. The conventional 150 KW turbine generates less than 257,000 KWH per year.

The Key Difference: WindKing, by virtue of its ability to truly regulate power in real time, can reach full power at just over 12 MPH while a conventional turbine can’t reach full power until over 24 MPH. Clearly, wind speeds of 24 MPH and above are relatively inconsequential when 85% of the global market has less than a 12 MPH average wind speed.