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WindKing Technologies is deeply committed to renewable energies. This sector has always struggled in its battle with oil & gas. In all fairness, a renewable technology needs to be cheaper than oil & gas, without tax credits or incentives to be more viable. That is a tall order. We believe the most promising of the renewable technologies is wind energy. Wind is readily abundant, free, and can be the most environmentally friendly source of energy on the planet.

In 2007 Wes Illing, the owner of Illing Engineering  Services (IES) began investigating wind turbine technology. The industry needed an Advanced Power Regulation System to enable wind turbines to reach full power at wind speeds common everywhere in the world. Accomplishing this can increase the annual energy production of todays wind turbines by a factor of 2 or 3.

After several years of research IES developed a new approach to enable wind turbines to reach full power at very low wind speeds. NYSERDA then funded IES to design and build a prototype to see if the theory was correct. The prototype successfully demonstrated tremendous power regulating capacity even under extreme wind gust conditions.

Now we are commercializing this technology to enable Wind Energy to become the primary source of electrical power world wide.